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The Calendar on the right hand side of the webpage controls the events that are displayed on the lower part of this page.

The Calendar defaults to a Week View, if there are no events for this week, then the text "No Events Found" will be displayed at the bottom of this page.

If the Calendar tab is clicked, the view will change to Month or Year, dependant on which tab is selected.  It is also possible to scroll backwards or forwards through the months by using the < or > keys.

When events are displayed on the page, a Category filter becomes enabled underneath the Calendar.  This allows for the searching of certain Event types, for instance, if Parent's Meetings are required, then ensure that only the Parent's Evening Box is ticked.



Year 8 Chick Project - 11-06-2018 -> 29-06-2018

Start Time: 00:00
End Time: 29-06-2018 @ 00:00

Red Week - 25-06-2018 -> 29-06-2018

Start Time: 00:00
End Time: 29-06-2018 @ 00:00

Curriculum Committee Meeting - 26-06-2018

Start Time: 19:00
End Time: 21:00

Year 7 Animal Edutainment Day - 27-06-2018

Start Time: 09:00
End Time: 14:55

Year 8 English Trip - 29-06-2018

Start Time: 00:00
End Time: 00:00

Year 9 Interform PE - 29-06-2018

Start Time: 09:55
End Time: 12:15


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