Transition to A Level Maths

Students choosing Maths as an A Level option must be prepared for a significant amount of self-study due to the demands of the course.  Here at John Colet we aim to support the transition via a number of initiatives, as explained below.

Supporting the Transition from GCSE to A Level Mathematics

Students find that there is a large jump from GCSE to AS Mathematics and this jump can feel particularly challenging if a student achieved a grade B at GCSE Mathematics.
Grade B is awarded at GCSE Mathematics if a student obtains around 45% in an examination; at AS Level Mathematics, a student needs around 70% to achieve a grade B (grades A-E being passes at AS Level).
This toughening of grade boundaries is coupled with an increase in difficulty - this presents a clear challenge for students. However, we have found that students who are determined and invest extra time do succeed at AS Level Mathematics. This is largely due to the fact that they put in extra hours of private study each week, in addition to the 4-5 hours recommended for each subject (per week).
Students who have previously crammed for exams need to make sure that they work consistently in a routine from an early stage, as success at AS Level requires time and opportunity to iron out errors and misconceptions.
Students are encouraged to consistently seek out help if they find a piece of homework / topic difficult. Mathematics support sessions run regularly at times advertised, providing students with the opportunity to receive help on an informal basis. Students will be able to take homework tasks to these sessions, as well as seeking help on topics where they may need additional help.

 Preparation for AS Mathematics

 In order to ensure our students are ready for A-level Mathematics we are running a course at the end of Year 11 to ensure students’ algebraic skills are at the required level. Every student who plans to take the subject will need to attend. The timetable is as follows:

Year 11 into 12 Maths Bridging Programme



Miss Hodson RED week


Period 1 and 2


Period 2 and 3


Period 4 and 5


Period 3


Period 4




  • In addition, we have prepared a booklet that will need to be completed over the summer holiday to embed the required skills and ensure students are up to speed. All students need to complete the booklet, without which, they will not be accepted onto the course.

If you are not currently a student and John Colet but wish to take A Level Maths with us, then please contact the school for further advice.